How To Make Your “Display URL” in FB Ads Useful

As we all know there is an option in “Creative” part in Power Editor that you can put the URL of your website.

facebook ads display RUL

The purpose of this is to display your website address and nothing more.
So what if you can make it useful?
Instead of just showing your website address.
You can do this.

facebook ads display RUL1


You can put a CALL TO ACTION instead of just showing your website URL.
This way you are suggesting to people (that will see your ad) to make an action.
Pretty cool right?
I have done this many times to my ads and it works great.

Here are some.

facebook ads display RUL2


facebook ads display RUL3


Hope it helps!



Please don’t hesitate to share if you find it useful.


New Facebook Power Editor: A Walk-through

I’m happy when I saw Jon Loomer’s post about the New Facebook Ads Manager because one of the account of my client is already in a platform so I’ve been using it for a about 2 weeks now.
I also feel blessed about this because I think I was one of the few that experienced it early.
It has been confusing for me at first but I eventually cope up with it but still need to learn more.
As Facebook Ads Manager has a new look, so as with the Power Editor that will soon be rolled out too and in this post I will share a few of it.

Let’s start.
Now in the New Facebook Ads Manager click Power Editor

New Facebook Power Editor



Ok here is the new look don’t get so surprised 🙂   (click image to enlarge)

New Facebook Power Editor1



What can you say about the new look?
At first it is also confusing for me but with a little testing and discovery I’ve gotten a little used to it.



Power Editor has now a top navigation and looks like this.

New Facebook Power Editor2
As you can see it also look like the top nav of the New Facebook Ads Manager right?
It links to the following

  • Manage Ads (default)
  • Audience – Now you can easily create new custom or a WCA
  • Image Library- This is new and cool addition in Power Editor, it let’s you see all the images you have used in your ads
  • Reporting – This is like the reporting from the old Power Editor
  • Page Posts – Now you can easily create a page post and the so called unpublished post
  • Tools- let’s you navigate to other link (I’ll show you later)

Some links existed before, just in a new location.

Let’s look now on the new platform.


New Facebook Power Editor3

As you can see there is no label now for  Ad sets and Ad that we usually see at the top but only Campaign.
That’s because it was put on the Side.


New Facebook Power Editor4

  1. Campaigns
  2. Adsets
  3. Ads


You can also now see an overview of your campaign on the other side which I think is so useful when you want to search a certain Campaign.

New Facebook Power Editor31




2. For Adsets 


New Facebook Power Editor5


Maybe you’re wondering how you can edit your adset now, it was also my problem at first. And to save you from that here’s how.

Select an Adset, tick the check box

New Facebook Power Editor5.1

Click the”pencil icon” at the right corner

New Facebook Power Editor6


And a new window will slide from the right and it will be like this

New Facebook Power Editor7

Just scroll down for more of the adsets.
3. For Ads 

New Facebook Power Editor8

Just like in Adsets to edit your Ad, select an Ad

New Facebook Power Editor9

Then click the “pencil icon”

New Facebook Power Editor10


Then it will be like this. It was really cool because it is now easy to see the image of the ad without the hassle of adjusting the height(in the old Power editor).

New Facebook Power Editor11


Now let’s go with another Top Nav “AUDIENCE”

New Facebook Power Editor12

AUDIENCE – easily create new custom or a WCA

Nothing new on this

New Facebook Power Editor13


IMAGE LIBRARY- this is new and cool

This is how it look like (sorry for the blurred ones just want to kept something for privacy)

New Facebook Power Editor14





Here it is

New Facebook Power Editor15


With Tools you can easily go to these links.


And that’s it. Hope with this brief walk-through helps you.



My 2nd challenge Facebook Ad and the 5th Facebook Ad

This is the 2nd challenge ad and the 5th Ad I’ve ran.
What I did in this ad is I change the beginning of the headline by deleting the “You Can” from the previous ad,
making it starts with the word “Earn”.



Same audience.
I’ve targeted specific city in the Philippines, together with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai, I also choose “All” for the gender and age range of 18-40.

ad2 audience

same “interest” and potential reach 17,200 people.

ad2 audience v


Same pricing and optimization and placement.

ad2 pricing

ad2 placement


Here’s the stat performance of this ad

468 Total Actions

286 Website Clicks
91 Leads(Conversion)
44 Page Likes
47 Other Actions






Changing the headline have given the Ad a big impact.
This ad generated 3 times more emails than the previous one and by far the best Ad.
Total spent to this ad was ₱152.11 ($3.46).
Ad was run for 4 days.



challenger ad 2.1 conlcusion

The Marvelous and Awesome VA202: FB Ads and LinkedIn Strategies Seminar


When I heard that my mentor Jomar Hilario Online Marketing Guru will be conducting a live seminar and without a doubt I’ve joined in.

It was a 2-days seminar together with Jay Mclean.

Being one of the early bird I have enjoyed so many bonuses that I think I got more than what I paid for.

Now, I was so blessed that I have attended the recently concluded 2 -days VA202 seminar at Ace Hotel.

It was really a blast and blessings to all the participants.

At the first day, I’ve came late they already done with the prayer and doing the unique handshakes but still I was able to joined.

After that I’ve seated at the very first row, Yes at the front because I want to focus on the talked.


Jomar Hilario Philippines Internet Marketing Guru

The sequence of the speaker was Jomar Hilario and then Jay Mclean for the main speaker.

It was not only a fun filled seminar but also a VALUE filled seminar because it was not only about technical.

The first talk was about FB ads, Jomar Hilario not only taught us the HOW but also the WHY.

He taught us to understand the importance and the value of FB ads Power editor to a business which you can often or not even will heard to others.

He also taught us the techniques on making an effective headlines and images for the Power editor.

He also cover how to target audience.

Jomar tells story on how he became what he was now.

Beside these talks he taught some technical stuffs. Some How to’s.


Jay Mclean Best selling author and Asia’s leading business educator

From the Morning talked about FB ads Power Editor, at the afternoon session it was Jay Mclean turn to talked about LinkedIn must haves.

Jay have talked about his Awesomeness blueprint. Plan, Connect and Profit.

He discussed about the must haves in LinkedIn profiles to make it effective.

He gives us some great cloud tools that can help businesses to be productive.

After that he also taught us about some secrets about using Google drive.

Then he continue about the LinkedIn now it’s about how to connect and profit from using LinkedIn.

At his last talked Jay talked about the elements of a 10 profitable website design.


Macky Masilang Entrepreneur

One of the unique session in this webinar is the sharing of Macky Masilang an Entrepreneur.

He talked about his life and background.

He pointed out the importance and value of a connection which is the business lifeline.

Then he gives the 5 keys to a Golden connection.

1. Communicate clearly

2. Go beyond the usual

3.Value the little things

4. Give generous support

5. Be unprofessional, Be Personal


with Jay Mclean the best selling author of the Billionaires and Millionaires Secret Revealed

I’m blessed to have one the the limited edition of the book Billionaires and Millionaires Secrets Revealed this was because I’m the 2nd one to sign up in the seminar when it was announced.

And there you have it.