3 Simple Ways You Can Do To Tweak Your FB Ad campaign To Lower CPC

Have you ever experienced that you are out of targeting option to test your ad?
Or just simply want to lower your cpc?

Here are some tips that can help you to get an Idea how to tweak your ad to lower cpc without putting much effort on researching your audience
but this tips will only work when you have already have existing or a running campaign.
This won’t work if you’re just starting out.

WARNING: The result may vary depending on your audience and you still need to test it out. (more of this later)
You may already know this method too:)

You may not notice it but it’s there.
There are 3 ways to optimize your existing ad just by changing
Age: 18-65+
Gender: All, Men or Women
and Placement: Desktop or Mobile 🙂

So the question is how will you know which one you will specifically use.

Here it is.

You should see some insights in your Facebook profile.
facebook ad 3 tips

Click on the existing campaign you want to test/optimize

facebook ad 3 tips1


You will see a window that will pop out


facebook ad 3 tips2

You can see here the 3 ways I’ve mentioned above

facebook ad 3 tips4


From this stats you can already tell which one will cost you less in terms of gender . This way you now have an option to target Women.

facebook ad 3 tips6


Same goes with Age. Click the Age to see the stats

facebook ad 3 tips7

As you can see below the Age range that has low cost is from 25-34.

facebook ad 3 tips8

And also same with the Placement

facebook ad 3 tips9


That’s the 3 ways  you can use and make your cpc lower.

I have done this method and it works but I still need to test it out.

I have run a campaign the targeted both gender, but decided to test out which gender will make a lower cpc

facebook ad 3 tips10


So I run a campaign separating Men and Women, same age range, same location and interest.

The result was this.

facebook ad 3 tips11



Based on the result I can have lower cpc from Women, so I made another 2 adsets  to test the Age range

The result is

facebook ad 3 tips12


With this results I can focus my campaign with the one with the lower CPC.

Hope it helps you.

Thank you.