How to Add a User in Facebook Business Manager

If you’re using a Facebook business account it is easy to add user to manage your Facebook page or your AD campaigns.
You can also assure that your account is secured because you can assign to them an access level and all you need is their email address.

Ok let’s begin.

On your Business Account Dashboard click Settings

facebook buisness account manager



Then Click Add New Person

facebook buisness account manager1



Add the email address

facebook buisness account manager2



Just choose Ad as Business Manager employee

facebook buisness account manager3



Then click Add People

facebook buisness account manager4



Select what Page he/she is assign, just tick the box

facebook buisness account manager5




You can change the role or access level

facebook buisness account manager6


Then click next

facebook buisness account manager7



Then assign an account, tick the check box

facebook buisness account manager8



You can also choose what role or access level

facebook buisness account manager9



Click Next

facebook buisness account manager10



Add you will receive this message just click close

facebook buisness account manager11



And you will see this

facebook buisness account manager12



Inform the user to accept the invitation and he/she can now access your business page.

That’s it!

Hope it helps.




Where to put Facebook Pixels

Ever wonder where to place you FB pixels after creating it?
Many are confused on where to put the pixels to track your leads in Facebook advertising.
This post will show where to place them in different tools like Unbounce, WordPress and in Blogger.
Just choose among the 3 which ever your thank you page is created.
Pixels are place in the Thank you page why? because when people reach this page they have given their email address and it count as a successful lead. So when the pixel is there it can count the numbers who are have been on the Thank you page.


Unbounce- I have created a tutorial on how you can create a Thank you using this click here

Putting Facebook pixel for tracking of leads. Click the Javascripts icon at the bottom.unbounce12

Paste your Facebook pixel.unbounce14

Click Done



To make it active, you should open this page. That’s it for Unbounce.


Let’s move on to WordPress.

Click  “Text” on the upper right corner

Facebook ad pplacing pixel




Then click on the first line of the text area

Facebook ad pplacing pixel 1



And paste the code

Facebook ad pplacing pixel 2




And like in Unbounce view this page so that it the pixel will be active.

Now in blogger

Click “HTML” on the left upper corner

Facebook ad pplacing pixel 3


Click on the first line in the text area

Facebook ad pplacing pixel 4



And paste the pixel code

Facebook ad pplacing pixel 5


And that’s it.


Hope it helps you.


Facebook Page Call-To-Action Feature That Can Help Boost Traffic On Your Site

Facebook has a lot in their sleeves these past few days and months.
They have release and roll-out new features in Facebook that users can really enjoy.
Marketers would enjoy such feature as it will help us to promote our products and services

Now here are 3 features I found so useful that we can’t just ignore.

1. Call To Action – Facebook page has now the so called “CTA” button that you can modify to which you can put your website address, sales page and opt-in page URL.


Click the button.

Facebook call to action



This window will pop out




You can choose which one would be applicable to you.




You can see on the left side what it looks like after you select a call to action.




Now, You can put your URL, under the “Website”


And Mobile website if you have any




Then click next





You will be ask for a destination on when people are using IOS device, you can select Webiste or Apps if you have one.


Click Next



Same with Andriod users



Click Create



Hola! It’s Done