How To Make Your “Display URL” in FB Ads Useful

As we all know there is an option in “Creative” part in Power Editor that you can put the URL of your website.

facebook ads display RUL

The purpose of this is to display your website address and nothing more.
So what if you can make it useful?
Instead of just showing your website address.
You can do this.

facebook ads display RUL1


You can put a CALL TO ACTION instead of just showing your website URL.
This way you are suggesting to people (that will see your ad) to make an action.
Pretty cool right?
I have done this many times to my ads and it works great.

Here are some.

facebook ads display RUL2


facebook ads display RUL3


Hope it helps!



Please don’t hesitate to share if you find it useful.


How to Add a User in Facebook Business Manager

If you’re using a Facebook business account it is easy to add user to manage your Facebook page or your AD campaigns.
You can also assure that your account is secured because you can assign to them an access level and all you need is their email address.

Ok let’s begin.

On your Business Account Dashboard click Settings

facebook buisness account manager



Then Click Add New Person

facebook buisness account manager1



Add the email address

facebook buisness account manager2



Just choose Ad as Business Manager employee

facebook buisness account manager3



Then click Add People

facebook buisness account manager4



Select what Page he/she is assign, just tick the box

facebook buisness account manager5




You can change the role or access level

facebook buisness account manager6


Then click next

facebook buisness account manager7



Then assign an account, tick the check box

facebook buisness account manager8



You can also choose what role or access level

facebook buisness account manager9



Click Next

facebook buisness account manager10



Add you will receive this message just click close

facebook buisness account manager11



And you will see this

facebook buisness account manager12



Inform the user to accept the invitation and he/she can now access your business page.

That’s it!

Hope it helps.



How to link Unbounce to Benchmarkemail

If you’re not familiar with these tools let me explain briefly.
Unbounce is a landing page where your opt-in/email catcher is embed.
Benchmarkemail is an email marketing tool that you can use to store your emails, create autoresponder, send email broadcast etc.

So the purpose of linking your Unbounce to Benchmark is to store the emails you have collected through your opt-in.
You can also set up autoresponder if you’re giving them some free stuffs.

OK first you must have a Benchmark account and an existing email list to make this happen.

Log in to your Benchmark account.

Click the Envelope Image

unbounce for facebook ads0

You’ll be directed to the Dashboard

unbounce for facebook ads01

Click Create new list

unbounce for facebook ads02

Name your contact list

unbounce for facebook ads03

Click Save & Add contacts

unbounce for facebook ads04

Click Choose file and select your existing contact list. Format should be .csv, .xls and .txt

unbounce for facebook ads05

Click Upload

unbounce for facebook ads06

And then click Save & Next at the bottom right.

unbounce for facebook ads07

Just Fill up this 2 option and click Save and Next

unbounce for facebook ads08

unbounce for facebook ads09

Now after that

Hover your mouse on your name and menus will be automatically shown.

unbounce for facebook ads

Then click Integration

unbounce for facebook ads1

And you will see this

unbounce for facebook ads2

Scroll down until you see Unbounce

unbounce for facebook ads3

Select a list, this is the one we made earlier and a URL will show at the box below.

unbounce for facebook ads4

Copy the URL and open your landing page in Unbounce.

Look for the “Webhook: POST to URL”

unbounce for facebook ads5.5

And click it

unbounce for facebook ads5

Paste the URL on the box and click Save and Continue.

unbounce for facebook ads6

unbounce for facebook ads7

Click Done

unbounce for facebook ads8

That’s it! You have integrated your Unbounce to your Benchmark.

How to create image for your Facebook ad using Canva

On this post, I will show how you can easily create your image for your Facebook Ad.
First of all you need to have a canva account and image to use.
You can register here
Once log in.
You will see different option for design.

Click the “plus” icon

Facebook ad image creation



Then scroll down until you see the ads

Facebook ad image creation1



Click Facebook Ad

Facebook ad image creation2



Click Uploads on the left side

Facebook ad image creation3



And choose your desired image.

Then choose Text

Facebook ad image creation4



Click Add text

Facebook ad image creation5




Edit your text to make it more visible but don’t make it too much big.

Facebook ad image creation6



When you’re finished click Download on the upper right corner.

Facebook ad image creation7


Choose “As an Image”

Facebook ad image creation8


You will see this message.

Facebook ad image creation9


And this one.

Facebook ad image creation10



And that’s it you now have your image for your Facebook ad.


My 6th FB Ad

Since I learn that my previous ads objective is Website conversion.
I’ve created another ad again this time, I set it to Website clicks as objective.
Also this ad is a new from the previous one, I mean it’s totally different, the copy,the image, the landing page and so on.

Ok let’s start!

This is what the ad looks like.

New FB ad1


Inside the Power Editor.
Setting up the Ads creative.

New FB ad



Setting up the Ad sets
Set budget per day P40.00 (almost $1)
Ad was scheduled to run for 4 days.

FB ad budget and schedule





FB ad reh




FB ad placement


And the pricing
It used to be P.76 but the suggested amount now has changed.

FB ad pricing



This is the landing page I used.
This was made in unbounce.


FB ad landing page




Then the Thank you page.
Also made using unbounce.
This is where I put the FB pixel.

FB ad ty page




FB ad chart



fb ad result


This Ad generated 3 emails but it was not shown in the result.

This ad have not generated a high lead instead it got a high post likes.

Total cost of the Ad P89.98 ($2.045) run for 4 days.







My 2nd challenge Facebook Ad and the 5th Facebook Ad

This is the 2nd challenge ad and the 5th Ad I’ve ran.
What I did in this ad is I change the beginning of the headline by deleting the “You Can” from the previous ad,
making it starts with the word “Earn”.



Same audience.
I’ve targeted specific city in the Philippines, together with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai, I also choose “All” for the gender and age range of 18-40.

ad2 audience

same “interest” and potential reach 17,200 people.

ad2 audience v


Same pricing and optimization and placement.

ad2 pricing

ad2 placement


Here’s the stat performance of this ad

468 Total Actions

286 Website Clicks
91 Leads(Conversion)
44 Page Likes
47 Other Actions






Changing the headline have given the Ad a big impact.
This ad generated 3 times more emails than the previous one and by far the best Ad.
Total spent to this ad was ₱152.11 ($3.46).
Ad was run for 4 days.



challenger ad 2.1 conlcusion

3rd FB Ad Run

This is my 3rd FB ad campaign and it’s a complete new ad from the previous one.
The headline, the image target audience are completely different.
This headline is based on another ad just tweak it a little to suit the service I’m promoting.
I’ve come up with it when, I was browsing my FB news feed and notice one ad that has high engagement.
It has many likes and also comments, then I got the idea to use the concept of the headline for my ad.
And created the headline “You can earn P15,000 to P30,000 a month ng nasa bahay lang as Virtual Assistant” was created.
I also created the sub-headline “If you wish to come home and work from your own home, then you’ve found what you’re looking for” this was based in the sales page of the service I’m promoting which I will make a separate post.
For the image, I was thinking of a beautiful set up of a computer which can draw attention of how will it look like in a working at home that’s why I pick this image.

FB ad2
For this Ad audience, I’ve targeted specific city in the Philippines, together with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai, I also choose “All” for the gender and age range of 18-40.

ad2 audience

I also added this “interest”, all in all my target potential reach was 17,200 people

ad2 audience v

Pricing and optimization on this ad, I select Website Conversions and get  the most website conversions at the best price.

ad2 pricing

Placement is only for Desktop and Mobile News feed

ad2 placement

The result was

90 total actions

60 websites clicks

11 Page likes

10 Post likes

and 9 Leads (email address)

In conclusion, this ad gave me 9 email addresses. It was 3x more emails than the 1st and 2nd Ad I’ve run.
It gain more attention than the previous 2 ads.

Total spent on this ad was P44.44($1). Ad was run for 4 days.


Facebook ad summary


ad 2 conclusion