3 Simple Ways You Can Do To Tweak Your FB Ad campaign To Lower CPC

Have you ever experienced that you are out of targeting option to test your ad?
Or just simply want to lower your cpc?

Here are some tips that can help you to get an Idea how to tweak your ad to lower cpc without putting much effort on researching your audience
but this tips will only work when you have already have existing or a running campaign.
This won’t work if you’re just starting out.

WARNING: The result may vary depending on your audience and you still need to test it out. (more of this later)
You may already know this method too:)

You may not notice it but it’s there.
There are 3 ways to optimize your existing ad just by changing
Age: 18-65+
Gender: All, Men or Women
and Placement: Desktop or Mobile 🙂

So the question is how will you know which one you will specifically use.

Here it is.

You should see some insights in your Facebook profile.
facebook ad 3 tips

Click on the existing campaign you want to test/optimize

facebook ad 3 tips1


You will see a window that will pop out


facebook ad 3 tips2

You can see here the 3 ways I’ve mentioned above

facebook ad 3 tips4


From this stats you can already tell which one will cost you less in terms of gender . This way you now have an option to target Women.

facebook ad 3 tips6


Same goes with Age. Click the Age to see the stats

facebook ad 3 tips7

As you can see below the Age range that has low cost is from 25-34.

facebook ad 3 tips8

And also same with the Placement

facebook ad 3 tips9


That’s the 3 ways  you can use and make your cpc lower.

I have done this method and it works but I still need to test it out.

I have run a campaign the targeted both gender, but decided to test out which gender will make a lower cpc

facebook ad 3 tips10


So I run a campaign separating Men and Women, same age range, same location and interest.

The result was this.

facebook ad 3 tips11



Based on the result I can have lower cpc from Women, so I made another 2 adsets  to test the Age range

The result is

facebook ad 3 tips12


With this results I can focus my campaign with the one with the lower CPC.

Hope it helps you.

Thank you.


How To Make Your “Display URL” in FB Ads Useful

As we all know there is an option in “Creative” part in Power Editor that you can put the URL of your website.

facebook ads display RUL

The purpose of this is to display your website address and nothing more.
So what if you can make it useful?
Instead of just showing your website address.
You can do this.

facebook ads display RUL1


You can put a CALL TO ACTION instead of just showing your website URL.
This way you are suggesting to people (that will see your ad) to make an action.
Pretty cool right?
I have done this many times to my ads and it works great.

Here are some.

facebook ads display RUL2


facebook ads display RUL3


Hope it helps!



Please don’t hesitate to share if you find it useful.

My 6th FB Ad

Since I learn that my previous ads objective is Website conversion.
I’ve created another ad again this time, I set it to Website clicks as objective.
Also this ad is a new from the previous one, I mean it’s totally different, the copy,the image, the landing page and so on.

Ok let’s start!

This is what the ad looks like.

New FB ad1


Inside the Power Editor.
Setting up the Ads creative.

New FB ad



Setting up the Ad sets
Set budget per day P40.00 (almost $1)
Ad was scheduled to run for 4 days.

FB ad budget and schedule





FB ad reh




FB ad placement


And the pricing
It used to be P.76 but the suggested amount now has changed.

FB ad pricing



This is the landing page I used.
This was made in unbounce.


FB ad landing page




Then the Thank you page.
Also made using unbounce.
This is where I put the FB pixel.

FB ad ty page




FB ad chart



fb ad result


This Ad generated 3 emails but it was not shown in the result.

This ad have not generated a high lead instead it got a high post likes.

Total cost of the Ad P89.98 ($2.045) run for 4 days.







How To Create A Business Manager In Facebook

Since I have created a new business manager account in FB.
I’ll be sharing how to do it.

Go to business.facebook.com and log in.

Then Step 1 is an introduction about business manager.
Click Next when you’re done reading.
facebook business
Select how you want to used your business manager page, then click Next

facebook business 1
Name your business manager account.
Select the Facebook page you want to link or you can create a new one.

facebook business 3
Then click Next

facebook business 4
Write your Name and your email address

facebook business 5
Click Create Business Manager

facebook business 6
You have successfully created your business manager.

facebook business 7
Now let’s add more details.
Let’s create Ad account.
Click Settings

facebook business 8

Click Ad Accounts

facebook business 9

Click Add New Ad Account

facebook business 10

Choose Create a new ad account and click Next
facebook business 11
Name your ad account, choose your timezone, currency. ( Creating payment method will be shown later)

Click Next

facebook business 13
Here you can add people you want to manage your Ad, but for now let’s click Skip.

facebook business 14
Click OK and your Ad account is created. 🙂

facebook business 15

Creating Payment method. This is only for credit card users.
Click Payment Methods.

facebook business 16
Click Add Payment Method

facebook business 17
Click Next
facebook business 18
Enter your credit card details and Click Add Payment Method.

facebook business 19

And that’s it, you’ve created your Business Manager.
You can now easily manage and run ads for your Facebook pages.




How To Add Your Existing FB Page In Your New Business FB Account

When I log in to my ad account to check my recently uploaded Ad.
I was shock when I saw in my Ad account this message.
ad disabled
To that I have just uploaded a new campaign to run.
The Ad was stop since my ad account was disabled.
Luckily Facebook doesn’t include personal account that is link to this ad account.
I contact Facebook regarding this to appeal and to know the behind it.
I have waited several days for a response through Facebook but there’s none.
So I contact them again sending information that is needed.
Again no response through Facebook.
I did this several times.
Unfortunately, I was waiting with a wrong thought that they would response in my Facebook.
I never did thought to check my email to see if they send a message.
And as I realize, I check my mail inbox and saw their message.
I can no longer run ads with my account.

Now that I cannot create new ads to run .
I decided to create a new business.facebook.com to continue running and testing ads.
It was like back to zero, create FB page, business.facebook.com, etc.
But luckily I can link my existing Facebook page that I used to run my previous ad.

Here’s how to add your exisitng FB page.
In your business.facebook.com page.
Click Settings



Click Pages



Click Add New Page at the right corner.






Choose Request access to page then click Next button.



Type the FB page you want to link



Select a role you want. This is the “Access right” on the page you are linking.




Then click Request Access



You will receive a notification on your account where the page is previously connected.





Facebook Page Call-To-Action Feature That Can Help Boost Traffic On Your Site

Facebook has a lot in their sleeves these past few days and months.
They have release and roll-out new features in Facebook that users can really enjoy.
Marketers would enjoy such feature as it will help us to promote our products and services

Now here are 3 features I found so useful that we can’t just ignore.

1. Call To Action – Facebook page has now the so called “CTA” button that you can modify to which you can put your website address, sales page and opt-in page URL.


Click the button.

Facebook call to action



This window will pop out




You can choose which one would be applicable to you.




You can see on the left side what it looks like after you select a call to action.




Now, You can put your URL, under the “Website”


And Mobile website if you have any




Then click next





You will be ask for a destination on when people are using IOS device, you can select Webiste or Apps if you have one.


Click Next



Same with Andriod users



Click Create



Hola! It’s Done