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In 2013, I’ve read an email from Bro Bo Sanchez (a bestselling author and a preacher) and below his email was a link that says “Work From Home”. At first I did not give attention to the link, but there was a time that I wanted to have an extra income beside my corporate job, so I got back to the email and click the link, and read the sales page for the seminar to become a Virtual assistant by Jomar Hilario Philippines Virtual Assistant Guru and I just said to myself that this is for me, I want this. I purchase the downloadable version of the seminar, watch the videos and created my blog and tutorials of online tools (see list on my blog) as an assignment from the seminar. Since then I become observant about online marketing and also join Jomar Hilario’s Online mentoring club to learn more and enhance my skills.

One time I saw a Facebook ad that is promoting the same program I’m a member too, I got curious and interested on how to do it. So decided to try it out but couldn’t figure out how to do it the right way. A year later, Jomar Hilario and his team had announced that they’ll be having a new live seminar and it’s about Facebook advertising and LinkedIn marketing. I immediately purchased the seminar since I wanted to learn more about Facebook advertising. I really enjoy the seminar and learned so much.

Since then, I practice what I’ve learned from the seminar (this is also an assignment for us attendees) by creating my own Facebook ad campaign. Now I have gigs as a Facebook Ad Specialist and I realized that I like doing Facebook ads because I feel challenged whenever I do it.


Your company will benefit from my extensive experience in running a successful Facebook Ad Campaigns.

Ralph Solomon: Lead Acquisition Specialist- Facebook Ad expert

You can rely on me to:

1. Set up your ads on Power Editor the right way so that it will be approved and your account will not be banned.
2. Monitor and optimize your Facebook ads so that you can focus more on your business.
3. Create Facebook pixels so that you can track the leads to know which campaign is doing great.
4. Create custom audience such as website visitor, look a like audience and saved audience.
5. Do a re-targeting ad.


Click Funnels Lead Acquisition Specialist- Ralph Solomon

Recently, I have the opportunity to used Click Funnels and Active Campaign, it’s awesome but a little bit complicated! Click funnels lets you create a funnel (as it’s name says) with templates you can use as landing page and thank you pages. For Active campaign it lets you store the email addresses of your potential or current client and you can create a Marketing automation from it. One of my client ask me to help him to fixed the issue on integrating the 2 tools so that we can track correctly the leads from our Facebook ads since the funnel is build in Click funnel and Active campaign. After we fixed the problem my client said that I’m a magician :) (I this was a joke since he’s happy that it was fixed).

Active Campaign Lead Acquisition Specialist- Ralph Solomon


Apps I love use are:

1. Unbounce, Leadpages
2. Canva
3. Trello


Internet speed


Here’s what my co-worker and clients says about me


Lead Acquisition Specialist- Ralph Solomon

Ralph really helped me with my FB Ads manager this guy is highly competent and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended!



Great worker.. Ralph, is a responsible person that always is willing to learn new thing, it was a pleasure working with him. Very happy with his work and will hire him again!

-Jiri Kalvoda


Talk to me now via rap.solomon@gmail.com – I can only accept 3 clients at a time for Maximum Efficient Service



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