How to set up an autoresponder using Benchmark email

A couple of days ago I created a post on how to integrate/link Unbounce to Benchmark.
What is it for? It is to automate of storing the leads/emails your getting in unbounce to benchmark.
Now in this post we’ll set up an autoresponder which we automate sending of emails, this is the freebies/lead magnet you’ve promised.
With this you don’t have to email one by one the people who gave their emails.

Ok Let’s start.
Log in to your Benchmark email.
On your Dashboard
Hove over the arrow and a dropdown menu will show
autoresponder using Benchmark



Then click  Create Autoresponder

autoresponder using Benchmark1



Name your sequence, this is for you to label this certain autoresponder to a certain campaign so that you will know which belong to this process.

autoresponder using Benchmark2


And then write your name or your branding

autoresponder using Benchmark3


Scroll down and tick the Permission Reminder

autoresponder using Benchmark4


It will look like this.

This is to remind people where they have sign up and to confirm that they are interested in it

autoresponder using Benchmark5



Scroll down again and choose your email list (this is the one you made when you link Unbounce to your Benchmark)

Take note that this is the list who’ll receive your freebies/lead magnet.

autoresponder using Benchmark6



Then click Save & Next

autoresponder using Benchmark7



You will be redirected to this page, just leave it like that

autoresponder using Benchmark8


Scroll down a bit

And you will see this and just edit the Subject the way you want it to be

autoresponder using Benchmark9



From the option “Send Email”, click the drop down arrow and choose “Immediately Upon Subscription”

autoresponder using Benchmark10



And click Continue at the bottom right corner

autoresponder using Benchmark11



Creating the body of the email

Just click “Select”

autoresponder using Benchmark12



Then choose the 1 column( this is option it’s your choice of what would you like)

autoresponder using Benchmark13




Now edit the headline, your greeting, and the body.

autoresponder using Benchmark114



You can attach your lead magnet at the buttom of your email boady, click the paper clip icon

autoresponder using Benchmark15



You can choose any of these which ever is your lead magnet and upload or link

For now we’ll choose document if your giving a PDF file this is the button to click

autoresponder using Benchmark16



Click the Cloud Icon

autoresponder using Benchmark17



Choose file, select your file and click upload

autoresponder using Benchmark19


Select and Click Next

autoresponder using Benchmark20

autoresponder using Benchmark21



This will it look like, you can edit it more as what you like it to be

autoresponder using Benchmark22



Then click Save & Next

autoresponder using Benchmark23



Click Activate Autoresponder

autoresponder using Benchmark24


You will see this.

autoresponder using Benchmark25




Congratulations you’ve made an autoresponder.


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