How to create image for your Facebook ad using Canva

On this post, I will show how you can easily create your image for your Facebook Ad.
First of all you need to have a canva account and image to use.
You can register here
Once log in.
You will see different option for design.

Click the “plus” icon

Facebook ad image creation



Then scroll down until you see the ads

Facebook ad image creation1



Click Facebook Ad

Facebook ad image creation2



Click Uploads on the left side

Facebook ad image creation3



And choose your desired image.

Then choose Text

Facebook ad image creation4



Click Add text

Facebook ad image creation5




Edit your text to make it more visible but don’t make it too much big.

Facebook ad image creation6



When you’re finished click Download on the upper right corner.

Facebook ad image creation7


Choose “As an Image”

Facebook ad image creation8


You will see this message.

Facebook ad image creation9


And this one.

Facebook ad image creation10



And that’s it you now have your image for your Facebook ad.



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