How to set up the FB pixel

Using Power Editor in Facebook for your Ads allows your to track your leads.
You can use it to know if the action made by your prospects or customers are successful.
Here are some steps in setting up and where you can put your Facebook Pixels.

On your Power Editor click Create Pixel

Power editor Facebook Pixel




Then choose your category this will depend on what is your campaigns goal.

But with this example we’ll use Leads.

Power editor Facebook Pixel1



Name your FB Pixel

Power editor Facebook Pixel2



Then click Create pixel

Power editor Facebook Pixel3




It will tell you that the Pixel isn’t verified yet. So click Verify.

Power editor Facebook Pixel5



Select the second option

Power editor Facebook Pixel6



It will look like this one

Power editor Facebook Pixel7


Then click the “View Code”

Power editor Facebook Pixel8



Copy the Code

Power editor Facebook Pixel9


That’s it you’ve created the FB pixel.

Now put this code in your Thank You page.



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