How to create Facebook custom audience

Creating custom audience is use for re-targeting.
This can’t be done unless you already have a list of your audience like emails, ID’s, or phone number that match people in Facebook.
Let’s begin.

Inside your Ads Manager click “Audiences”

Facebook audience1

Then click Create a Custom Audience

Facebook audience2

Click Customer list

Facebook audience3

Select which one’s for you, as for me I’m uploading my emails list so I select the first one.

File format should be .CSV or .TXT format

Facebook audience4

Click the Upload File button

Facebook audience6

Then click Create Audience

Facebook audience7

In here you can edit the file by clicking to it or just click Next

Facebook audience8

And just click Done

Facebook audience9

And you will see this

Facebook audience10

It usually take about 10 mins for Facebook to make it ready and available.

Your list should be 100.

And there you have your custom audience that you can use to re-target your audience.


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