Building my custom audience

I decided to create an Ad to create my audience and target it for my affiliate link.
I have used the image and the headline of one of may successful ads which gives 94 leads.
My main goal for this ad is to create audience using WCA.

Ad inside the Facebook Power Editor



Actual view of the ad

FB Ad 2


I also create a new landing page using Unbounce for this Ad and inserted WCA pixel.

unbounce landing page


I did not create a thank you page for this campaign, because once they click Sign Me Up it will be redirected to the affiliate page.


Budget, Bids and Placement

Ad budget is P40.00 daily ($1)

FB ad budget



I choose Desktop News feed for placement

FB Ad placement


Pricing, I select “Get the most website conversions at the best price”

FB Ad pricing



Chart result

The number of conversions in this campaign is not necessarily the leads but the visits on the landing page.

FB Ad chart


FB Ad performance


result in Unbounce


unbounce result




Result in WCA pixel.

FB Ad custom audience


In summary
Run an ad for 5 days
280 conversions (which is the traffic on the page)
125 Leads (emails) 
Total cost of P201.18 ($4.68)


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