Challenging my 6th Ad

I have learn in marketing that “testing” is one crucial part.
Through testing I will know which works better.
So, I’ll challenge my 6th ad.
What I did here was edit only the headline,  the rest are the same except also from the bid.

Ad inside Power Editor

New FB ad2



Ad preview, this is what it looks when it’s live

New FB ad22

(on Ad: Do You Feel Tired and Stress In Your Job? Thinking of a career shift and earn $350-$580 with a Virtual Career at home )



Budget per day P40 ($1)
Ad ran for 4 days

FB ad budget and schedule





FB ad audience

FB ad placement




Pricing, when I started this Ad the suggested price was P0.76($0.017).


FB ad2 pricing




Same landing page and thank you page with the previous one



FB ad landing page

FB ad ty page



Ad results

FB ad 2 chart

fb ad 2 result



This ad was run for 4 days for P126.04 ($2.93) and generated 26 conversion with a reach of 5,565. It has generated much more conversion than the previous one.








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