My 6th FB Ad

Since I learn that my previous ads objective is Website conversion.
I’ve created another ad again this time, I set it to Website clicks as objective.
Also this ad is a new from the previous one, I mean it’s totally different, the copy,the image, the landing page and so on.

Ok let’s start!

This is what the ad looks like.

New FB ad1


Inside the Power Editor.
Setting up the Ads creative.

New FB ad



Setting up the Ad sets
Set budget per day P40.00 (almost $1)
Ad was scheduled to run for 4 days.

FB ad budget and schedule





FB ad reh




FB ad placement


And the pricing
It used to be P.76 but the suggested amount now has changed.

FB ad pricing



This is the landing page I used.
This was made in unbounce.


FB ad landing page




Then the Thank you page.
Also made using unbounce.
This is where I put the FB pixel.

FB ad ty page




FB ad chart



fb ad result


This Ad generated 3 emails but it was not shown in the result.

This ad have not generated a high lead instead it got a high post likes.

Total cost of the Ad P89.98 ($2.045) run for 4 days.








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