How To Create A Business Manager In Facebook

Since I have created a new business manager account in FB.
I’ll be sharing how to do it.

Go to and log in.

Then Step 1 is an introduction about business manager.
Click Next when you’re done reading.
facebook business
Select how you want to used your business manager page, then click Next

facebook business 1
Name your business manager account.
Select the Facebook page you want to link or you can create a new one.

facebook business 3
Then click Next

facebook business 4
Write your Name and your email address

facebook business 5
Click Create Business Manager

facebook business 6
You have successfully created your business manager.

facebook business 7
Now let’s add more details.
Let’s create Ad account.
Click Settings

facebook business 8

Click Ad Accounts

facebook business 9

Click Add New Ad Account

facebook business 10

Choose Create a new ad account and click Next
facebook business 11
Name your ad account, choose your timezone, currency. ( Creating payment method will be shown later)

Click Next

facebook business 13
Here you can add people you want to manage your Ad, but for now let’s click Skip.

facebook business 14
Click OK and your Ad account is created. 🙂

facebook business 15

Creating Payment method. This is only for credit card users.
Click Payment Methods.

facebook business 16
Click Add Payment Method

facebook business 17
Click Next
facebook business 18
Enter your credit card details and Click Add Payment Method.

facebook business 19

And that’s it, you’ve created your Business Manager.
You can now easily manage and run ads for your Facebook pages.





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