How To Add Your Existing FB Page In Your New Business FB Account

When I log in to my ad account to check my recently uploaded Ad.
I was shock when I saw in my Ad account this message.
ad disabled
To that I have just uploaded a new campaign to run.
The Ad was stop since my ad account was disabled.
Luckily Facebook doesn’t include personal account that is link to this ad account.
I contact Facebook regarding this to appeal and to know the behind it.
I have waited several days for a response through Facebook but there’s none.
So I contact them again sending information that is needed.
Again no response through Facebook.
I did this several times.
Unfortunately, I was waiting with a wrong thought that they would response in my Facebook.
I never did thought to check my email to see if they send a message.
And as I realize, I check my mail inbox and saw their message.
I can no longer run ads with my account.

Now that I cannot create new ads to run .
I decided to create a new to continue running and testing ads.
It was like back to zero, create FB page,, etc.
But luckily I can link my existing Facebook page that I used to run my previous ad.

Here’s how to add your exisitng FB page.
In your page.
Click Settings



Click Pages



Click Add New Page at the right corner.






Choose Request access to page then click Next button.



Type the FB page you want to link



Select a role you want. This is the “Access right” on the page you are linking.




Then click Request Access



You will receive a notification on your account where the page is previously connected.






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