My 2nd challenge Facebook Ad and the 5th Facebook Ad

This is the 2nd challenge ad and the 5th Ad I’ve ran.
What I did in this ad is I change the beginning of the headline by deleting the “You Can” from the previous ad,
making it starts with the word “Earn”.



Same audience.
I’ve targeted specific city in the Philippines, together with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai, I also choose “All” for the gender and age range of 18-40.

ad2 audience

same “interest” and potential reach 17,200 people.

ad2 audience v


Same pricing and optimization and placement.

ad2 pricing

ad2 placement


Here’s the stat performance of this ad

468 Total Actions

286 Website Clicks
91 Leads(Conversion)
44 Page Likes
47 Other Actions






Changing the headline have given the Ad a big impact.
This ad generated 3 times more emails than the previous one and by far the best Ad.
Total spent to this ad was ₱152.11 ($3.46).
Ad was run for 4 days.



challenger ad 2.1 conlcusion


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