How To Create A Simple Elegant Looking Thank You Page Using Unbounce

Earlier, I’ve run another FB ad for my VA202 assignment.
It has been 2 months now since I ran my last Ad, the reason was my Ad account has been suspended permanently without knowing the reason.
I tried to re-activate it by sending request to Facebook but it was not granted.
So I made a new account to run Ads again.
This idea of creating a Thank you page in Unbounce was really unexpected, since the nature of it is for landing page.
It just popped in my mind, while thinking of creating my landing page. 🙂
Ok enough for the story. Let’s get started!


1. In your Unbounce account at the create page where you will see different templates. ignore the templates and click the “Start with a Blank Page” unbounce1


2. Click Save and Edit



3. You will be in this working area.



4. At the upper button below the word Main Page, drag the icon in the center.



5. It will be like this once drag. This will be the where the contents of the Thank you page will be placed.



6.  You can drag it down to make it larger.



7. Now, drag the icon “T” on the white space, this is the tool for Text.



8. Double click it to type your message.



9. Edit the text. You can design your text the way you want it using the tools provided. unbounce10


10.  Now you can change the color of the background. On the right side you can see the background properties, click the small box and choose the color you like.



11. It will look like this with background color unbounce11.1

11.1 Putting Facebook pixel for tracking of leads. Click the Javascripts icon at the bottom. unbounce12

11.2  Paste your Facebook pixel. unbounce14

11.3. Click Done



Inserting button

12. Drag the icon “B” in the center to insert a button.




13. Rename the button.



14. Type your website URL or your affiliate link. This mean when the button is click in will go to your website or affiliate link.


.  Click Save at the upper left corner. You can also click  “Preview” to see how it looks when live. unbounce16

13. Exit on this page by clicking the “x” button at the upper left corner to exit.




14.  Click the blue button “Publish Page”.




15. This URL is the one you will used to link it in the landing page. unbounce19


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