Facebook Page Call-To-Action Feature That Can Help Boost Traffic On Your Site

Facebook has a lot in their sleeves these past few days and months.
They have release and roll-out new features in Facebook that users can really enjoy.
Marketers would enjoy such feature as it will help us to promote our products and services

Now here are 3 features I found so useful that we can’t just ignore.

1. Call To Action – Facebook page has now the so called “CTA” button that you can modify to which you can put your website address, sales page and opt-in page URL.


Click the button.

Facebook call to action



This window will pop out




You can choose which one would be applicable to you.




You can see on the left side what it looks like after you select a call to action.




Now, You can put your URL, under the “Website”


And Mobile website if you have any




Then click next





You will be ask for a destination on when people are using IOS device, you can select Webiste or Apps if you have one.


Click Next



Same with Andriod users



Click Create



Hola! It’s Done













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