My Challenge Ad

This is my challenge ad, it means just little changes from the original ad.
This would be my 4th FB ad.
You may not notice it much but I make the text much larger compared to the previous one.




Since this is a challenge ad, I’ve used same audience.
I’ve targeted specific city in the Philippines, together with other countries like Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Dubai, I also choose “All” for the gender and age range of 18-40.

ad2 audience

same “interest” and potential reach 17,200 people.

ad2 audience v


Same pricing and optimization and placement.

ad2 pricing

ad2 placement


Here’s the stat performance of this ad

152 total actions

100 websites clicks

15 Page likes

8 Post likes

and 29 Leads (email address)

challengerad2 performance


With just a little changes in the text on the image, this ad have generated 29 Leads, a nearly 4x more than the original ad.
Total spent on this ad was ₱46.98($1.07), way more cheaper than the previous one.
Ad was run for 4 days.

Facebook ad summary

challenge ad 2 conlusion


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