My second FB Ad

My second FB ad.

As you can see the image is the same as the first ad but now with a different text, by the way the image has no text and it’s part of the testing.  I add “Is there” and making the headline a question rather than a sentence. And at the third line text, I’ve wrote “Yes” to affirm that there is hope.

challenge ad 1


I have change the location from “Philippines” to specific city in the Philippines. Also change the age making it 21-35, then add some interest.


challenge ad1 audience


Price is a little bit different from the first Ad and this time I use Website conversion instead of clicks.


challege ad1 pricing


Placement is the same to maximize the the ad.


ad1 placement


The result was.

11 Total actions

8 website Clicks

2 Leads

1 post likes




This ad has cost me P16.58($0.38) with 2 leads, a little bit better than the First ad.


Headline that has “question” is more effective that just a sentence or a phrase.




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