My first Facebook Ads

Running a Facebook ads was not really new to me I’ve done it sometime ago but in a wrong manner. I’ve done boost post and Ads just to have likes on the page I manage. And I learned in VA202 seminar of Jomar Hilario that “likes’ is not important in running a a Facebook marketing. And as part of the homework to do after the seminar here is my first ad.

On my ad I created a headline which targets Moms or single Moms and choose an image of a women, then the headline that start from “Hope”. We are taught that we should have an “Emotion” in creating headlines and choosing an image.

Ad also should have a “Promise” a solution to a people’s problem.

ad 1

Here is the target audience I select for this ad. Since my target are moms, I’ve selected “women with an age range of 18-40”, “Parent’s” and had an interest in “Family”, “Motherhood” and “Parenting”. This is to narrow down the target.

Location is Philippines.

ad1 audience

After setting the target, I choose Mobile and Desktop News feed only for the replacement, So that my Ads will only be seen on the wall of the target audience.

ad1 placement

Pricing, this means that every people who click my ad will cost me P1.22. The amount should be the “Suggested bid” but I think there has been changes from Facebook that’s why the bid is different.

ad1 pricing

The was schedule to run for 4 days.

And the result was

4 Total Actions

2 Website clicks – this means 2 people have visited the website or the landing page

1 Leads – this means I collected 1 email address

1 post likes-  got 1 Facebook likes

ad 1 performance

On this ad with 1 Leads I’ve spent a total of P14.48($0.33)


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