My Thank you and Landing page from the Facebook Ad seminar

As I said a months ago, I’ve attended a seminar about Facebook Ads to learned the right way to run a campaign that get leads.
At the end of the seminar we are given an “assignment” to run a Facebook Ad.
Yes, literally run a Facebook Ads.
We will actually do it for ourselves.
This way we can prove or rather we can have experienced how to run a Facebook Ad.

This was the first thing I’ve created.
The “Thank You Page”

ty page

I made this thank you page via Leadpages.
It offers various templates that are ready to use, all you need to do is to personalized it according to your brand.
I subscribe in because they are the best tool where most marketer also used.
I believe that having a “Thank you page” in a campaign is very essential because it makes my campaign more human.
It also validate that I’m giving what I have promise.
Lastly, this page also function as the “tracking source” for my ad, it is where I put the FB pixel that let’s me know that a conversion is successful.
The button can be set up that when click will go to website or an affiliate link.


landing page

My landing page.
Also made in Leadpages.
There is 3 section when creating a landing.
The Headline, sub headline and finally the opt-in.
When the button is click it will go the the thank you page.


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