The Marvelous and Awesome VA202: FB Ads and LinkedIn Strategies Seminar


When I heard that my mentor Jomar Hilario Online Marketing Guru will be conducting a live seminar and without a doubt I’ve joined in.

It was a 2-days seminar together with Jay Mclean.

Being one of the early bird I have enjoyed so many bonuses that I think I got more than what I paid for.

Now, I was so blessed that I have attended the recently concluded 2 -days VA202 seminar at Ace Hotel.

It was really a blast and blessings to all the participants.

At the first day, I’ve came late they already done with the prayer and doing the unique handshakes but still I was able to joined.

After that I’ve seated at the very first row, Yes at the front because I want to focus on the talked.


Jomar Hilario Philippines Internet Marketing Guru

The sequence of the speaker was Jomar Hilario and then Jay Mclean for the main speaker.

It was not only a fun filled seminar but also a VALUE filled seminar because it was not only about technical.

The first talk was about FB ads, Jomar Hilario not only taught us the HOW but also the WHY.

He taught us to understand the importance and the value of FB ads Power editor to a business which you can often or not even will heard to others.

He also taught us the techniques on making an effective headlines and images for the Power editor.

He also cover how to target audience.

Jomar tells story on how he became what he was now.

Beside these talks he taught some technical stuffs. Some How to’s.


Jay Mclean Best selling author and Asia’s leading business educator

From the Morning talked about FB ads Power Editor, at the afternoon session it was Jay Mclean turn to talked about LinkedIn must haves.

Jay have talked about his Awesomeness blueprint. Plan, Connect and Profit.

He discussed about the must haves in LinkedIn profiles to make it effective.

He gives us some great cloud tools that can help businesses to be productive.

After that he also taught us about some secrets about using Google drive.

Then he continue about the LinkedIn now it’s about how to connect and profit from using LinkedIn.

At his last talked Jay talked about the elements of a 10 profitable website design.


Macky Masilang Entrepreneur

One of the unique session in this webinar is the sharing of Macky Masilang an Entrepreneur.

He talked about his life and background.

He pointed out the importance and value of a connection which is the business lifeline.

Then he gives the 5 keys to a Golden connection.

1. Communicate clearly

2. Go beyond the usual

3.Value the little things

4. Give generous support

5. Be unprofessional, Be Personal


with Jay Mclean the best selling author of the Billionaires and Millionaires Secret Revealed

I’m blessed to have one the the limited edition of the book Billionaires and Millionaires Secrets Revealed this was because I’m the 2nd one to sign up in the seminar when it was announced.

And there you have it.


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