My Top 3 list of Social Media news/blogs

Social-media-for-public-relations1Social media is important in marketing a business and there are lots of ways and techniques to learn to maximize each platforms in marketing. I want to share my Top 3 list where I get news and updates about social media.


1. Post Planner – post planner is a tool to use in Facebook Marketing, it helps you to save time in making a great post. But besides their incredible app their blogs are very useful and informational especially in giving tips and techniques in other social media site .



2. Social Media Examiner – this site/blog is your guide to every social media out there they share updates, tips and techniques that are useful to us Social media manager.  When you subscribe to them they give frequent updates to read that is really helpful.



3. Social Media Today – I recently learned about this site/blog but it’s an amazing one, there’s so many informative blogs by different people that you can read that gives statistical information, tips and techniques. It’s like a compilation of every people who talks about social media marketing.


And that’s it, do you also have a recommendation for social media news/blogs you want to share?


photo credits to: post planner, social media examiner, and social media today


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