VA Summit 2013 The First Evah


Last November 30, 2013 I attended the first ever VA summit at the Bayview Park Hotel, Manila. This was organized by Sir Jomar Hilario and his team. In the summit there are different people attended who walks on different paths like there was a student, a mother, an entrepreneur, a call center agent, a bank employee etc. but I could say theses people think a-like, A like that they want to do something different in their lives.

Arriving late at the venue, I also got lost at the venue so that makes me late and late hehehe As I arrived at the Luneta Hall, the program is already started so I didn’t have the chance to listen in the intro part.  To cut the story there where about 8 wonderful talks, 8 different speakers, 8 different walks of life, 8 inspiring stories and lessons. That day was really. really awesome,great and marvelous, it was indeed a superb event. As an aspiring VA, listening to the VA inspired me a lot and act on it. It was also an eye opening that when you know what you want and act on it you can get it. I’ve also got to pick new ideas about being VA, learned new useful tools and the likes. All I can say is it is really once in a life time experience, there maybe another VA summit but the FIRST is really something.



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